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In recent years, the company continues to improve, development and improvement of the ability of products, the establishment of corporate R & D center, the existing disc into a cable machine, Φ630 overall points on the disk motor box cutter, rubber continuous vulcanization production line, OPGW production line and other products have done a great improvement and optimization of the design, development and production of a number of domestic first production line, won the national patent certificate, and participate in the national electrical products industry standards.

China's first sub-motor drive Φ630 / 6 coil twister + Φ630 / 12 盘 box cutter combination of production line. (National utility model patent certificate)
Φ710 / 6 + 12OPGW production lines, Φ800 / 8 + 16OPGW production line.
For rotating pre-twisted squeeze box cutter device system. (National utility model patent certificate)


Thoughts bottom side box cutter machine is suitable for China's first automatic disk device. (National utility model patent certificate)
China's first Φ630 / 6 + 12 + 18 + 24 + 30 AC frequency control, sub-motor drive, digital volume control and constant tension disconnection protection conductor production division 90 minutes drive motor box cutter production line. (National utility model patent certificate)
The new disc a cable machine crawlers. (National utility model patent certificate)


Steel armor installed China's first production line put constant tension band (Guoneishoutai for offshore transmission of large diameter PVC pipe outer steel armor installed production line of oil, natural gas and fresh water). (National utility model patent certificate)
Sub-motor drive Φ630 / 12 coil twister + Φ1250 / 1 盘 bow forming a cable machine production line.


China's first box cutter suitable for modular hydraulic drive automatic disk device.
China's first steel belt buckle machine equipment production line (for the sea, deep-sea transfer of oil, gas and steel buckle machine production line large diameter PVC pipe fresh water).
China's first load 300T, reel diameter Φ10m movable retractable wire rack to roll.
China's first load 300T, reel diameter Φ10m fixedly roll retractable wire frame.
China's first large-sized traction for 25T, large tonnage crawler tractor.

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